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1953 Born in Mine City, Yamaguchi Prefecture

1972 Studied under painter Yoshiaki Uesugi

1975 Learn at Musashino Art Junior College


1988 Ginza Broadway New Face Award Exhibition Selected

2002-2014  ITSUIKAI Exhibition Exhibited and SUISAIJINN Exhibition

2006 Kamakura Art Exhibition Commerce and Industry President's Award

        Human Hymn Award Exhibition Honorable Mention Award

2014-2017 ASANOKAI Exhibition Grand Prix Winner

2018 art magazine ITIMAINOE 43rd Selection Exhibition Bronze Award


1985 Honjo City Restaurant "Eterna" Solo Exhibition

2005 Musashino City "Libest Gallery Sou" Solo Exhibition

2006 '07 Ginza" Gallery Unigrabus Ginzakan" Solo Exhibition

2008 '09 '10 '11 '12 '13 '14 '16 "Kyobashi Kanai Gallery" Solo Exhibition

2009 '11 Tama City  "Gallery Torian" Small Piece Exhibition

2011 Kunitati "Art Space 88" Solo Exhibition

2013 '18 Kunitati "Court Gallery Kunitachi "Solo Exhibition

2015 Ginza "Gallery Miharaya" Solo Exhibition

2015 Kunitati "Gallery Hanafuri"n Solo Exhibition

2017 '18 '19 Shimokitazawa" SMART SHIP GALLERY" solo exhibition

2019 Fujimigaoka "Gallery café Palm Tree" Opening Commemorative Solo Exhibition

2020 Kunitati "Gallery Kunitati "Solo Exhibition


2017 '19 Exhibited at Zurich Art Fair, Switzerland

2018 Italy Milan Affordable Art Fair exhibition

2019 Malaysia Art Expo Exhibit

2020 Germany Mannheim "Gallery Bona" exhibition


Exhibited at other group exhibitions, etc.



Member of the painting study group "ASANOKAI"

Co-representative of the portrait study group "Papier Blanc"

Portrait Study Group “Studio Blue Sky” Organizer

Kunitatil Drawing &watercolor Class Lecturer

Asahi Culture Center Tachikawa Class Lecturer

HIno Social Education Association Painting Class Lecturer

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